This happens a lot. You’re not in love with your current job and are open to seeing what’s out there. Then a job opportunity comes along and you are undecided whether you take the job offer or stay where you are.

Your decision depends upon a lot of factors. Is the commute longer? Can you work remote? Is it more money, responsibility? Does it involve travel, more travel? What are the benefits? The list of things to consider can go on and on.

What I found works is to break the two jobs down. List all of the job aspects yu can think of and are important to you. Then weigh teach of these against the two positions and check the job you feel is the t option. This method helps you visualize the pros and cons of the two jobs When you get through your list add up the check marks and see if there is a clear difference. If there is, and you were honest in your decisions, then it is clear what you should do. If the check marks are about the same, well, then you need to ask yourself, “Is the new job going to be worth it if it does not bring more to the table or stay where you are and maybe a better offer will come along.” Ultimately only you can make the final decision. Only you know what you really want from a job. Stability, growth, new skillsets, or new responsibilities.

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Perceptions and Expectations
By: Eric Hinrichs

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